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"Okay girls, good job! Practice is over for today and we look set for the finals!" shouted Ms. Sheffels, the girls cheerleading coach. It was a couple days until the finals of the cheerleading competition and High School East was the favorite to win this year, led by their beautiful and popular cheerleading captain Kelly. Kelly was every guys dream with her strawberry red hair, sparkling blue eyes, and wonderful figure. Kelly said goodbye to her friends and finished her stretches. She looked great wearing her cheerleading outfit, a black, white and silver sleeveless cheerleader top with black short skirt. Her tan belly and deep innie bellybutton completely exposed. Kelly finished her exercises and stretches and turned around right into Jen, a fellow cheerleader.

"Oh! Hi Jen!" Kelly said perkily.

"Hey there, Kel" Jen responded. "We need to talk"

"Oh? About what?" Kelly asked.

"About some things. Most of all the finals coming up. You see, Kelly, I should be the varsity cheerleading captain, not you. You know I am the better cheerleader.."

"But Coach Sheffels picked me! I really didn't have a choice Jen."

"Coach Sheffels picked you because you are prettier than me! And you did have a choice, could have said no!"

"Well I'm sorry but what can I do about it?"

"Oh there is something you can do about it....All you have to do is tell Coach tomorrow that you are stepping down as the varsity cheerleading captain!"

Kelly was shocked!

"This close to the finals? No Way!!"

Jenn smiled. "I figured you would say I guess I'll just have to persuade you."

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked.

Jen grabbed Kelly by her arms and put them over her head. She then took out some colorful tree colored green pantyhose from her gym bag and tied Kelly's arms above her head onto a pullup bar that Kelly was standing under. Kelly was left dangling in the air in her cheerleading costume.

"What do you think you are doing??" Kelly snapped. "Your going to just leave me here???"

That evil smile came across Jen's face. "Oh no, babe. I'm going to torture you until you agree to go along with my plans"

Kelly got a cocky smile.

"And just HOW do you plan to torture me?"

Jen responded by sitting next to Kelly's dangling feet and taking Kelly's pretty bare foot in her hands. Without talking, Jen started running her finger tip up and down the bottom of Kelly's foot. No reaction from Kelly, just another cocky smile followed by Kelly rolling her eyes.

"Oooo, this is your big plan??" Kelly said sarcastically. "Tickling my feet? Isn't that a little childish and kid like? My feet are not ticklish anyways."

Jen tried to tickle the other foot but still no reaction. Jen stood up and placed her hands in Kelly's exposed armpits. She began to tickle Kelly under her arms but once again, no response by Kelly!

"Your 0 for 2 tonight you bitch! haha!" laughed Kelly as she mocked Jen.

Jen was getting upset now because her plan was not working. Jen paused and then thought for a little.

"Why arent you laughing? You have to be ticklish somewhere!" Jen screamed. Jen continued to look up and down Kelly's wonderful figure and body. Suddenly a smile crept across Jen's face.

"Of course! hehehe." chuckled Jen.

The cocky smile was still on Kelly's face.

"Oooo....I'm soooo scared. Are you going to tickle me again?" Kelly said sarcastically.

The cocky smile left Kelly's face as Jen touched her bare, exposed belly. Kelly took a big breath of air in as Jen dragged her fingers across Kelly's belly slowly.

"Awww...whats the matter, babe? Is your little belly ticklish?"

Kelly tried to contain herself.

"No..hehe...not at....hehe...all!" Kelly laughed.

Jen made a claw with her hand and ferociously attacked Kelly's beautiful belly as Kelly lost it!


Kelly laughed hysterically and squirmed all over the place trying to keep Jen's fingers from her only ticklish spot! Jen continued tickling up and down and across the soft skin of Kelly's belly.


Jen smiled as she ran all ten fingers on the middle of Kelly's belly, the most ticklish area of her belly. Kelly tried to suck her belly in to escape the tickling fingers but it was to no use. Jen continued to poke at her belly from all angles. Kelly giggled each time one of Jen's fingers made contact with her belly. After 20 minutes of this, Jen finally stopped!

"hehe...oh thank god! that was torture!" Kelly said while catching her breath.

"Oh we aren't done yet, hun!" said Jen


"Well I have always wanted to tell you what a sexy bellybutton you have. It's so deep that I've always dreamed of playing with it and tickling it. Is your bellybutton ticklish?"

Kelly's eyes widened as Jens fingers slowly made their way to Kelly's quivering belly and her exposed sexy bellybutton. Jen slid a finger into her bellybutton and starts to tickle the inside. Kelly goes berserk!


Jen is obviously enjoying tickling Kelly's belly button. She scrambles all her fingers all around the soft skin surrounding Kelly's navel. Then Jen pulls out a stiff feather and places it on Kelly's heaving chest. Kelly giggles and squirms as Jen slowly traces the feather down Kelly's chest right down to the opening of her bellybutton. Then Jen starts tracing the feather in circles around Kelly's bellybutton!

"HAHAHAHAHA" Kelly laughs hysterically.

" have the cutest laugh when your bellybutton is tickled! hehe!" mocks Jen.

Jen tickles Kelly with the feather for a couple more minutes and then grabs Kelly by the waist and brings her belly to her face. Jen puts her lips on Kelly's belly and blows a raspberry!!


Jen continues to blow a series of raspberrys and Kelly shrieks with laughter each time the ticklish sensation goes through her belly. Then Kelly sticks her tongue in Kelly's belly button and starts to lick inside! The ticklish feeling of Jen's tongue in her most ticklish spot almost drives Kelly over the edge! Finally Jen pulls out her final weapon....a feather duster!! She holds Kelly around the waist so Kelly's belly sticks out. With the other hand she places the feather duster on Kelly's belly button and spins it over and over again!! With the dozens of feathers entering her belly button and mercilessly tickling the area around her navel, Kelly finally breaks!!


Jen softly kisses Kelly's belly as Kelly lets out a final giggle. Jen unties Kelly and leaves her there alone to catch her breath. The next day, Kelly went to see Coach Sheffels to tell her that she was stepping down as cheerleader captain and handing the job over to Jen. As she was saying that Jen walked by and licked her lips while starring at Kelly's beautiful belly with a feeling of arousal. As Kelly saw her starring she wrapped her arm around her so she couldn't see her belly. When Jen walked into the girls locker room she planned another attack on the most gorgeous belly she has every touched.

(to be continued. with Part 2)
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